The Vital Connection Podcasts

The Vital Connection Podcasts

The Vital Connection began as a monthly podcast to equip leaders and congregations with the resources found throughout the Dakotas Conference. When Sheri Meister began as Executive Director of the Minnesota Foundation its reach has extended to the Minnesota Conference. While United Methodists have a certain connectionalism, we have discovered that all too many pastors are feeling like they are doing ministry alone. There are many talents, abilities, and strengths spread throughout the churches, so it only made sense to connect you with those resources so you can deepen your faith and grow in ministry. Our hope is that you will be able to connect with the people we interview, because they are part of our Conference - they are us.

Let's do ministry together! 

Listen to these previously recorded podcasts.

Episode 21 - Growing Tithers in the Church - Pastor Ron Johnson

Episode 20 - Full-Time Ministry with Part-Time Pastors - Pastor Steve Trefz and Taryn Ragels

Episode 19 - Reaching New People in a Small Town - Pastor Jeff Adel and Pastor Clay Lundberg

Episode - 18 - Leading a Mulit-Point Charge - Pastor Randy Hedge

Episode 17 - Financial Leadership - Pastor Brandon Vetter, Pastor Jenny Hallenbeck Orr, and Rev. Randy Cross

Episode 16 - Facing Anxiety in Ministry - Dr. Doug Anderson

Episode 15 - The Band Meeting—Growing in Discipleship through Small Groups - Jeff Pospisil, Pastor Kyle Reinhiller, and Pastor Jerry Stravia

Episode 14 - Reaching Young Adults - Pastor Scott and Colleen McKirdy

Episode 13 - Tithing, Apportionments, and being led by the Holy Spirit - Pastor Jenene Earl

Episode 12 - The Journey through Ministry - Pastor Katie Rickie

Episode 11 - Behind the Curtain - Sheri Meister

Episode 10 - Supporting the Call to Ministry - Pastor Doug Diehl and Pastor Sharla McCaskell

Episode 9 - Pastoral Transitions - Pastor Andy Bartel

Episode 8 - A Balancing Act - Pastor Cory Thrall

Episode 7 - Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders -  Tom Freier

Episode 6 - Creating a Culture of Call - Pastor Taylor Johnson and Curtis Mittendorf

Episode 5 - Challenges of Church Transformation and Change - Rev. Kermit Culver

Episode 4 - Using Social Media to Reach People for Jesus - Jason Smith

Episode 3 - Attitude of Gratitude and Giving - Rev. Kent Millard

Episode 2 - Raising up New Leaders - Pastor Charlie Moore

Episode 1 - Bishop Bruce Ough Talks about Prayer