Builders Loan Program

Builders Loan Program

The MN UM Builders Loan Program is available to any Minnesota United Methodist Church in need of funds for capital improvements or repairs and refinancing of mortgage debt. Loans of up to $100,000.00 are awarded at a current interest rate of 3.0%. 

Apply for a Builders Loan

  • Contact your District Superintendent to discuss your project.
  • Complete the online loan application, including all required supporting documents. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation with assistance from District Superintendents.

Builders Loan Application
Processing time from initial application until the final decision is typically 30 days. This can be expedited in emergency situations.

Upon approval, the church will receive a loan fund agreement and amortization schedule. Loan payments must be set up for Electronic Funds Transfer. Contact Diane Weller if you have any questions.